Saturday, 10 December 2016

A Very Meowy Catmas: Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy at Christmas | ad

I don't know if you've noticed, but I LOVE CATS SO MUCH. People say they're emotionless and annoying, and they'd be right about the latter, but I swear my cat has facial expressions. Look at his anger at having to wear a Santa hat, aged 2.

It only stayed on for a couple of seconds but at least he wore it, unlike the inflatable unicorn horn I bought him one year. Urban Outfitters, if you're wondering.

Anyway, as much as he hates it sometimes, we love including him in our Christmas celebrations. 

He gets a Christmas dinner aka turkey mousse or sardines, turkey-flavoured treats, new toys and even an advent calendar full of catnip. In return, he gets me Christmas and birthday cards - sometimes even a present. Is that normal? I don't know. I don't care.

Anymeow, I've teamed up with the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for my overseas readers) to give you the pawfect suggestions for treating your kitty this Christmas, whilst also making sure they're kept safe. The period between Halloween and New Year is particularly dangerous, or at least anxiety-inducing, as you can bet from October 31st there will be constant fireworks and loud celebrations until January. The wonderful people at the RSPCA have put together this infographic which I found really interesting and helpful, especially as I'm prone to giving in and letting Oscar have a few scraps from my dinner... (nothing poisonous though, don't worry!)

A visual guide to a happy Christmas for pets

Despite only having one cat (for now...) I relate to these stats so much that I think I might be an officially qualified Crazy Cat Lady™ now? Oscar hasn't pulled down the tree in the five years that we've had him, but we do get him presents, he definitely watches TV, he has an advent calendar, and if I was buying something for a colleague, I would probably spend less on them and more on him. I enjoy treating my sarcastic ball of fluff, okay?

All pawfect puns aside, the RSPCA have helped me out a few times when I've been out and about and seen an unfortunate animal in trouble, and they even took in a couple of cats when I knew they were being abused by their owner, so I recommend supporting them in any way you can. And if you'd like more tips on keeping your favourite Fluffy McFluffFluffs safe this Christmas, along with clever animal-friendly treat recipes, follow the link above.

Before I go: the title of this post is inspired by my mum's range of handmade Christmas cards, which you should buy so we can have gas, electricity, water, food, etc, and you can give the perfect card to your favourite crazy cat lady. Or keep it for yourself. Whatever. We're all winners. ;p

Meowy Catmas!


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