Wednesday, 22 June 2016

5 Reasons You Should Join #TeenBloggersChat

Earlier this year, myself and fellow bloggers Jack, Hannah and Holly launched #teenbloggerschat on Twitter. It's a weekly Twitter chat especially for teen bloggers at 8pm every Sunday, and it's amazing if I do say so myself. If you haven't joined us yet (why not?!) maybe the following reasons will convince you...

We can go from discussing serious topics like inspiration and the influence and responsibility of bloggers, to freaking out over Harry Potter and playing a (very, very weird) game of Would You Rather. Nothing's off limits and because the topics are so different each week, it never gets boring.

The moderators are pretty cool, if you ask me. We work really hard throughout the week to make sure everything is ready and as good as possible. Plus, we might all be book bloggers but we all have different interests and ideas - it's not just one person thinking along the same lines week in, week out.

The chat is an amazing way to make friends in the blogging community! #teenbloggerschat has only been happening for a couple of months or so, but I've already had the pleasure of watching so many friendships blossom between bloggers.

If you need help, someone will be there. Whether it's a technological problem or you can't think of anything to blog about, pop your question on Twitter with the hashtag and another teen blogger will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can tweet @TeenBloggersGR and one of the moderators will get back to you!

As far as I know, it's the only Twitter chat specifically for teen bloggers. It's a safe space for us to unapologetically have fun and discuss the issues that are important to us, and everyone involved loves it a lot.

The next #teenbloggerschat is this Sunday at 8pm BST/3pm EST, and we'll be talking about fandoms. Join us!


  1. I've tagged you in The Liebster Award!

  2. This sounds like fun! I just can't seem to get used to actually using Twitter. It just doesn't click with me. I've been trying to get in the habit of using it more. This hashtag should definitely make things more fun! :)

  3. Can you join the chat if you are not yet a teen, but still a book blogger?

    1. Sometimes we discuss topics that are pretty specific to being a teen, but if you're at least 11 or 12 I think it should be fine.

  4. I'd really love to join but I don't really fancy having to wake up at 5am unfortunately... I live in Australia :/


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