Wednesday, 20 April 2016

In Which I Review Cake, Because Why Not?

Is there anything better than cake and books? Usually I would say no, but I've changed my mind; personalised cake and books is way better.

You might have seen EatYourPhoto doing the rounds on various blogs lately, and now it's my turn to review them. In a minute. When I've finished this cake.

Okay, I'm done. On with the review!


  • These would be perfect for events, from blogger lunches and book signings to birthdays, weddings and maybe blogoversaries, if you wanted to be really fancy...
  • The packaging is great. I was slightly apprehensive seeing as they come through the post but there was no room for them to slide around in the box they came in, and none of them were damaged.
  • They might have been baked a couple of days before I received them, and they might have endured long journeys in Royal Mail vans before getting thrown around in various post rooms, but they tasted perfectly fresh. They weren't dry, the icing wasn't hard, and I'm not Mary Berry although I'm starting to sound like her.
  • You can get an edible photo on almost anything. Cupcakes, brownies, chocolate... even pizza. You can get your photo ON PIZZA. Nom.


  • The edible photo wasn't as high quality as I was expecting. The file I sent was good quality, so maybe it's because they had to make it so much smaller to fit on the cake? And, y'know, it's icing; it's not going to be perfect. But as you can see in the photos, it's a little blurry and the writing isn't massively visible. I don't really care about this but it surprised me and I know it might bother some people.
  • It's pretty expensive in my opinion, with 12 cakes costing £20, but the service I received was great and they arrived both quickly and safely. I guess it depends how much you want to spend, and I definitely think it'd be worth it for a special occasion.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed. They taste great (seriously, how can something taste that good when it's been through our postal system?) and it's such a novelty to have your cupcakes personalised.

What would you have on a personalised cake?


  1. Here in the US you can get them done in all the grocery store bakeries. I would check and see if it available at your grocery store. That way there would be no shipping costs and if they looked like crud you could just refuse them. :)

  2. That's super cool. I would love my blog to have its own cupcakes, haha!


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