Sunday, 20 July 2014

RE: Blogger Email Addresses Are Being Sold Without Our Consent

You all know what's happened by now, and if you don't then read this post before carrying on. As I write I am currently half asleep because it turns out a lot happened with the jaydpromo situation last night and this morning and now I feel the need to update you all on what's going on.

Last night at around 10pm I found a way to report the website for illegally selling a list of 1,200 blogger email addresses. As far as I know, booktubers aren't affected. Basically I did a search, found his registrar (GoDaddy) and reported him to them. Then I quickly made a mini tutorial on how to report him and posted it to Twitter to help others who were a bit stuck on how to report his site:

The amazing @ZMacIver and @LaLaT0adst0ne were helping me spread the word by either tweeting all of his followers and telling them they were following someone like that, or tweeting bloggers informing them of what was going on respectively. I can't thank them enough for helping to get the word out, and they clearly did a good job because I woke up to almost one hundred Twitter notifications... :')

Also while I was asleep (seriously, I missed all the good stuff) @K__Books, @Charli_TAW and @Miss_Fictional were having a 'discussion' on Twitter with the man behind the website who had finally shown up to tell his side of the story. I have selected the highlights from his beautiful and moving tweets especially for you.

EDIT 31/7/14 18:48PM: Jay D has changed his Twitter handle so the tweets included no longer make sense as the tweets don't show up. They've been deleted from the post. Basically he said that because we, as book bloggers, work for free we don't work hard. He also called us lazy, amongst other things.

If you go to @Charli_TAW or @K__Books on Twitter you can find the entire conversation there. Oh, and he thanked me for increasing his blog traffic. You're welcome? They weren't visiting your site because they were on your side, y'know. Just saying.

At the time of writing my last blog post about his site, what he was doing was illegal because he was selling email addresses without each owner's knowledge or consent. But once he found out about my blog post and everything else, he decided to make the email list free and therefore what he was doing had become legal. He later deleted the list (or removed it from public viewing. Hmm.) and pretended the list had never existed, although it's still mentioned on his selling page and I have a feeling the list will probably pop up again in the near future. The other list (a list of blog links) was made public. If he deletes that page, just search for the cached version.

EDITED TO ADD: So many people asked him to delete their blogs from his list that he did indeed delete it from public viewing. However, I'm sure it's still being sold. I'll be keeping an eye on it.
EDITED TO ADD 20/7 15:50PM BST: The list is back up with only 2 blogs on it. He could still have the rest of the list in private, though.

So the reports filed last night will now be irrelevant. Nice save, 'Jay D.'

Then he who shall not be named (erm, not Voldemort, someone else) recognised a pattern in the list of bloggers on Any blogs newer than mid-2011 didn't seem to be listed. Mine was, as were a LOT of others, and it later came to my attention that this guy who had earlier called US lazy had copied and pasted his list of bloggers from a completely separate YA book blog directory which I had signed up for years ago. I'd just like to say that the YA book blog directory is legit. It's fine. Everyone on that list opted in for it years ago and the people who made it put in a lot of hard work and effort. What isn't fine is this other guy, Jay D, taking the list and selling it. Prat.

What to do if you're listed on his site:
If you find your blog on his list, you can tweet him @AuthorJayD and ask to be removed. He must remove you if you ask. If you see anyone you know listed on the site, it's a good idea to let them know they're there. It would also be really helpful if you could share this post to let everyone know what's going on.

Before I go I'd just like to say sorry for how badly written this post is. It was rushed and I'm barely awake! I'd also like to say how nice it was, despite the circumstances, to see the whole book blogging community come together as one force against him and his disgusting website. Without sounding patronising, well done. :)

So now you know. Feel free to tweet him your anger.


  1. *high fives you because even when you're half asleep you get more done than me*
    *leaves because TOO MANY COMPLIMENTS AKA ONE [it's too much for me to handle. ]*

  2. I'm SO glad I ran across this post. Several weeks I started getting bombarded with emails at my PRIVATE email that is not listed on my blogs. (I HAD listed it several years ago though before I opened an email exclusively for my blog.) One of the review requests said she bought the list from him. I tweeted him and asked to be removed, no response. I posted on facebook groups and other places and no one really commented. I felt like I was alone and I just let it go. But I keep getting emails (LOADS) and I know they are from the list because they go to that email. I can't possibly reply to them all (though I should just write a generic email letting them know and just do a quick copy/paste to let the authors know) so I just ignore them. It feels good to know people are standing up to him finally. I wish I had known before because I honestly felt so alone. No one else seemed to care at all. A few people expressed disgust but not many even commented or replied. It definitely feels good to know that people stood up to him. Thank you SO much!


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