Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fiction Express Chapter 7 and 8 Reviews

Diary of a Mall Girl (Ch.7) by Luisa Plaja

Last time, we saw (well, read...) Ameera and Molly sneak into Jewel's apartment. Luckily they didn't get caught....although they nearly did! This week we found out something BIG. It really surprised me - I never saw it coming! Love this. :) Again, it ended on a massive cliff-hanger so I'm looking forward to Chapter 8!

Soul Shadows (Ch.7) by Alex Woolf
This week's chapter was quite fast-paced, with chases and murders along the way! There are a few sweet moments though, like moments between Estelle and her shadow, and when Sandor helped Estelle even when he was badly injured...this gets more exciting each week!

The Last Symbol (Ch.7) by Rebecca Morton
Drina and Hedley set off on a secret mission arranged by Tyron, following Blues and bickering with each other...At one point I was a little confused as to who's side Drina was actually on, but it all became clear towards the end of the chapter. :)

Diary of a Mall Girl (Ch.8) by Luisa Plaja
Chaotic and fun are the only words I can find to describe this chapter! After Liam's disastrous party, Molly has some important choices to make. Where will she go for her work experience? And which boy does she like best? Jasper vs. Liam :) Sadly it's getting close to the end of DOAMG now, but I can't wait to read the end, I bet it'll be fantastic.

The Last Symbol (Ch.8) by Rebecca Morton
Drina is participating in a dangerous plan, which involves being very dishonest to a few of the most important people in her land. It's all with good intentions though - to protect her brother Miko. This chapter had a few good twists in it - I think Chapter Nine is going to be great! :)

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