Saturday, 5 December 2009

Interview with author Luisa Plaja!

When writing a new book, how do you decide what to call it?
I usually think of a title when I first dream up an idea for a novel. It's a working title, though, and it changes as I write. Having said that, "Extreme Kissing" was my original title and it never changed, and "Swapped by a Kiss" was named after "Split by a Kiss" so it couldn't really be called anything else!

If you're walking down a street, or in a supermarket, do people come up to you and ask you to sign something?
Hee hee, that would be great! No, that's never happened, but I have stood near people admiring my books in shops! It's an amazing feeling. I've only once admitted who I am when this has happened, and that was when the girl was about to buy my book. I offered to sign it for her and she accepted. I think she was a bit surprised but she seemed happy, too!

Do you get to decide what the cover of your books look like, or does your publisher/illustrator do that?
My publishers do that, although they do consult me during the process. They hire illustrators and have designers, too.

When your books are in the shops, do you read them and think 'Oh I wish I'd changed that bit...' etc?
Yes, definitely! I never feel like I've finished a book. It's strange to have to stop changing things, in fact - it feels like that moment at the end of an exam when you're told to put your pen down, and you're thinking, "No, please, just one more little change!"

Do you have any advice for people wanting to become an author?
Read a lot of books you enjoy and don't worry about what other people think of your choices. Then write a book you want to read, and enjoy that too.

If you could live with one of your characters, who would it be and why?
That's a tough question! I love all my characters and I have lived with them all, really, in the sense of going through stages when I think about them constantly! I tend to get really fond of the more mixed-up and troubled characters I write about, like Rachel in Split by a Kiss/Swapped by a Kiss and Carlotta in Extreme Kissing, so I think I'd like to give them a home and try to chat to them. I bet they wouldn't listen to me, though.

And finally, the last question, can you tell us a bit about your next book?
Sure! Swapped by a Kiss is a follow-up to Split by a Kiss, but the main character this time is Rachel. It's the summer after the end of Split by a Kiss and the American Rachel travels to England to surprise her boyfriend at a music festival - but she's the one who gets the surprise. She catches him kissing their friend Jo and she's so upset that she runs off, wishing she was Jo instead of herself. The next thing she knows, she's back with David, and she IS Jo...

Thank you very much, Luisa!
Thank YOU, Amber!

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