Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas Giveaway!

I have 1 copy of 'Fallen' by Lauren Kate up for grabs! To enter follow the instructions below...
  • Follow this blog
  • Comment saying why you want this book
  • Email me using my email address at the bottom of the post with your name and address
NOTE: The winner won't receive Fallen until just after Christmas since the Christmas Post deadline for first class parcels had gone already. Sorry!

To choose the winner, I'll give every comment a number i.e first comment is number 1, second comment is number 2 etc. I'll pick a number out of a hat and then post saying who the winner is and in case the winner doesn't see the post, I'll email them too. :-)

This competition is for people in Europe only, sorry!

The closing date is 3rd January. GOOD LUCK!

Email your details to:

Thank you to Luisa Plaja for advertising this competition on Chicklish!



  1. Hey Amber!
    Wow what a great contest, I'd love to enter. I want this book because...I love the new genre of angels coming into the YA category. I (happily) feel like they're taking over from vampires abit and seeing I'm not really of fan of vampire books I'd love to show my appreciation for angels LOL. Plus, I've heard amaizng things about this book :)

  2. Amber,
    This is a great idea! And I would love to enter!
    I would like to win this book because it sounds like a good read. I havn't read from this author before and it would be good to try something new!
    Angles sounds like a really interesting topic and I would love to read it.
    Thank you for reading
    Ria xxx

  3. Hi Amber!

    Thanks for hosting this competition! I would like to win this book because I really like the look of this book - I like fantasty books a LOT. :)


  4. Hi amber

    its me leah i just wanna say i really lke the sound of the book i havent heard of it before but i love reading new stuff so ya thats why id really like to win it

    From Leah

  5. Hey Amber!

    I'd love to have this book because its sounds different and good! I haven't heard of the author before so it would be good if I got it to see what she is like ;o)

    Rachel (:

  6. Hii Amber.<3
    Fab contest! I want this book because..I LOVE this sort of genre and this book sounds amazing! Also, a lot of people are saying the book is great so I definitely want to read it and find out what the fuss is all about!
    Hmmm..the cover is reminds me of this other book I really like, Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire. The cover is just gorgeous and so striking! And the cover art for the next 3 books in the series are also looking good- notice anything similar about each one?!

  7. Hi Amber! I'd love this book because I'd like to find out why it is so popular. Plus I'm devouring books, so I'm in constant need of new material.

    I love your blog template - its so cute.

    (I'm a follower too).


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